Neosurf Casino Sites

This payment method is similar to the voucher cards we load on our mobile phones. You may buy prepaid cards at any store. You can easily check for the availability of these cards by looking at their website. There is an option that shows you where you can get them around you, provided they are accessible. You can exhaust the money on the card, or use some of it. It’s totally up to you. Use of this card is conducted without registration or authentication. This provides anonymity and security.

The prepaid card works just like your voucher card. It has a ten-digit number, that is used to deposit money online. The best part of this payment method is that you’d not have to pay any charges for most of the functions of the card. Except in special cases, where you’d have to pay commissions.

How We Select The Best Neosurf Online Casinos In Canada?

There is a growing number of Canadian casinos accepting Neosurf. They were chosen based on a number of criteria. Some of them include their bonuses, the ease of depositing money, etc. Below are some of the Neosurf Casinos

    Royal Vegas – They are one of the best Neosurf casinos in Canada. They appreciate their customers, and this is shown in the generous way they roll out rewards and bonuses. They give a 100% match up to every first deposit. This could be up to a sum of 1200 Canadian dollars. In addition, they have a large collection of games. At the moment, they have about 640 games, and this number is growing.

    Lucky Nugget: This is also one of the most prominent Neosurf casino sites. They offer a bonus of 100% on every first deposit. This bonus can be up to 1000 Canadian dollars. Also, they offer over 650 gaming applications.

  • Captain cooks: This is another popular casino in Canada. They offer a 100% match up on the first deposit, that could be up to $500, and about 647 gaming applications.

The Neosurf Casino Story

Doing transactions online have not been very safe and secure, because of the ease by which fraudsters and hackers can steal the bank identity of gamblers. This was the idea behind the creation of the Neosurf prepaid card. They were founded and launched in the year 2004, and are present in more than 40 countries. The card does not need you to open an account or register your name. It’s modeled after the common voucher card we use in topping up our phone units. It has a 10-digit number that you’d have to scratch to see the number. You’d use this code in authorizing your deposits online. It does not require you to under any form of the registration application. The number of gambling sites accepting deposits with Neosurf is increasing by the day. They’re present in many French-speaking European countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland.

Can I Use the Neosurf At Any Canadian Casino?

The Neosurf prepaid card is applicable in Canada, as well as other countries. Some of the countries where you can use Neosurf include France, Belgium, Switzerland and other European countries. According to recent statistics, they have about 135, 000 outlets in the world, where you can purchase the cards. Almost every Canadian casino accepts Neosurf, but you can consult support representative of the platform you are playing on.

Neosurf Casino vs. Other Payment Methods

They have an edge and a lot of advantages over other payment methods. Below are some of them;

  1. Safety: Your money is safe, and they make use of one of the strongest security available. The 128-bits encryption.
  2. They don’t require any form of registration. This saves players a lot of time, as compared to other payment methods, where you’d have to register and wait for days before your account would be verified.
  3. You can monitor and control how much you spend online. For example, you can’t spend beyond $100, if you bought a card of that amount. You’d only spend more if you bought another card.
  4. Your money would be deposited into the casino account; immediately you complete the transaction.
  5. It’s simple and easy to use.

How To Use Neosurf To Load A Casino Account?

This payment method has lately become the favorite of a large number of casino players. This is attributed to the ease, security, and anonymity that it offers. To load money into your account, the first thing to do is to choose one of the Neosurf Casino sites, after doing this, purchase the voucher you’d like to load. Then enter the amount of money you’d like to load. After this, you’d have to input the validation code and the amount you want to deposit. Your money would be sent immediately. There are no extra charges when using this kind of payment plan.

Can I Withdraw My Winnings?

As earlier said, the prepaid card is made to load money into your account. However, it cannot be used in taking out your winnings. They do not allow the withdrawal of money. The anonymity of the system would not permit such kind of transaction. Nonetheless, there are other online financial platforms where you can easily withdraw your money. Some of them includePayPal, Skrill, etc.

What Are The Bonuses When You Deposit Using Neosurf?

This depends on the type of Neosurf casino you sign up with. Below are some of them with their bonuses;

  • Euro Palace – They offer a 100% bonus on every initial deposit. This could be up to a sum of $500. In addition to this, they have about 639 mobile casino applications.
  • Ruby Fortune -They also offer an initial 100% match up on the initial deposit. This could go up to about 750 Canadian dollars. Also, they offer over 650 gaming applications.

  • Luxury Casino – Just like others, they also give a 100% bonus on the first deposit. This also could be about 1000 Canadian dollars. They have more than 647 gaming applications.

Disadvantages of Gambling With Neosurf

  • There are times when you’d just like to play a game. However, the unavailability of a store where you can purchase the prepaid card would be a problem.
  • This payment system isn’t present in a lot of countries.
  • It’s not yet supported and accepted by a lot of live dealers online casino. This is because it’s a relatively new system of payment.
  • They are a French company, thus most of the website information is in French. This would be a problem for non-French speaking customers.

Are Your Account Details Safe?

They make use of a 128-encryption system. So your account is safe and secured. Besides, you should only buy the exact amount you need to load.


The Neosurf Casino prepaid card is a safe and secure way of loading money into your casino account. Also, it can be used when you intend to regulate the amount you spend on games.