Privacy Policy

Below is the Top Canada Casinos Privacy Policy. Here, you will find everything you might need to know about the information we collect from you, why and how we use it. Please, read it carefully before embarking upon any gambling endeavours.


Dear visitor,

We, Top Canada Casinos, hereinafter “the Company”, “us”, “we”, “the Establishment”, are delighted to welcome you aboard our gambling platform, the one that offers the information about some real bonuses and real scores within the Canadian gambling framework. Nonetheless, in order to become a full-fledged member of our community, you will have to share some of your personal information with us. Please, do not rush to conclusions as the primary reason we’re eager to collect this information is to protect you and render your gaming experience as pleasant as possible.

In this Privacy Policy, we will read about the reasons we collect your information, how we managed it, the parties entitled to access it, and the methods we use to protect it from being misused. We want everyone within our online gambling brotherhood and sorority to feel safe, welcome, and cared for.

Top Canada Casinos

Top Canada Casinos is a refined platform for those willing to choose the very best online casino in Canada for themselves. We operate as an independent agent, checking Canadian online casinos and then providing a fair and unbiased review of the gambling platform at hand. Our mission is neither to promote any specific casinos nor to dock down the reputation of the others. We want to assist online gamblers in their choice of a gambling platform that would be the best specifically and individually for them.

The Information We Collect

When you enter the Top Canada Casinos website, you’re entitled to explore our pages, embark on various kinds of interaction, etc. Depending on the scope of your moves within the boundaries of our website, the volume and types of information we gather about you might differ. Yet, here comes the “maximum list” of what we can collect and process to further improve your experience with us:

  • First name;
  • Second name;
  • Email;
  • Date of birth;
  • Location data;
  • Log-in & password;
  • Website usage data (cookies, website journey history, etc.);
  • Age;
  • Gender;
  • Occupation;
  • Personal preferences;

The Reasons for Collecting

As you might have already read in the preamble, we collect the information because we want to ensure that your stay with us reaches the point of maximum comfort and convenience. Nonetheless, there are some more reasons for it. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

  1. We want to offer support. That is why we need to know more about you so we could customize your user experience and know about the things you might need in advance.
  2. We want to protect you. That is why we might need to store your login, password, etc. in order to prevent any cases of unauthorized access to your account.
  3. We need to stay in contact with you. Once again, it is all about security and convenience, as we want to be able to reach out to you in case of an emergency.
  4. We want to keep our website tolerant. We do our best to prevent abuse and hate speech on our website. That is why we keep our users registered, so no bots and unregistered users could leave abusive comments “for fun”.

Your Information Rights

While we have already shared the reasons for collecting your data, we would also like you to know that you have the following rights when it comes to the personal information that our website collected.

  1. You have the right to access your personal information whenever you find it appropriate.
  2. You have the right to file an official request for the correction of your personal information.
  3. You have the right to transfer your personal information.
  4. You have the right to object to us processing your personal information. Yet, in such a case, we reserve the right to delete/restrain your account and refrain you from using our services.
  5. You have the right to request a restriction of processing your personal information.
  6. You have the right to request a full erasure of your personal information.
  7. You have the right to withdraw the consent for the processing of your personal information.

Personal Information Retention Period

We tend to retain, store, and update your personal information as long as you remain our customer. We want to update it in order to make sure that you get the best services possible, based on your latest preferences and requirements. Hence, we store your personal data until you exercise your aforementioned right for the erasure of your personal information. Please, be once again informed that this is our information retention policy, which we practice by default unless a client expresses his or her desire to have their information extracted and deleted permanently.

How Do We Protect It

We are surely doing our best to safeguard your information as much as possible. As we have already stated, this is exactly the reason why we collect it. Therefore, we take proper care of the security and maintenance of our services, ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity on our services. Harnessing the full potential of the Secure Socket Layer and double-server method of data storage. Furthermore, we attain and conform to the legal requirements of the Canadian Government, making sure that our services fall within the licit norms envisaged by:

  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act 2000 (PIPEDA) – Federal Level
  • Personal Information Protection Act, SBC 2003 c63 (BC PIPA) – British Columbia
  • Personal Information Protection Act, SA 2003 cP-6.5 (AB PIPA) – Alberta
  • Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector, CQLR c P-39 – Quebec

If you feel like we could do more to protect your personal information or have an idea of how we could do it, please contact us at [email protected]. We would be more than grateful for your critical feedback.

The Information Sharing

The Company acts in accordance with its development strategy, including the marketing promotion plan. Therefore, we reserve the right to share your personal data with third-party services in order to help us manage our Company in a better and more efficient way. Nonetheless, we do take all the measures necessary to provide the top-level protection of your data and prevent it from any misuse possible. Here comes the list of possible agents, partners, and ventures that we might share your personal data with:

  • Marketing platforms and organization.
  • Third-party services providers.
  • Affiliates to the Top Canada Casinos Company.

Nonetheless, please stay informed that the Company may also disclose your personal data to other parties involved under the circumstances provided below:

  • When required by the law enforcement agencies;
  • When required for the matter of protecting your rights;
  • If a corresponding court ruling will be issued;
  • In the case of the Company’s bankruptcy (data transfer to the successor company);

We do everything in our power to protect your personal information and disclose it solely to the parties whose involvement is essential to the conduct of our business. Furthermore, any third-party request to obtain your data will be followed by an immediate letter of notice to you unless otherwise ruled by the court.

Data Collection Methods

As a user, you are entitled to know the data collection methods we apply to collect your information. As a matter of fact, there are three major ways that we practice collecting our users and visitors’ personal data.

  1. Direct Interactions. Anything you do on the website is a direct interaction with us. Whether you create an account and fill in the registration form or whether you subscribe to our publications, post content on our forums, etc., this is all an interaction.
  2. Third Parties & Publicly Available Sources. We reserve the right to gather data about your digital journeys and other kinds of technical data from analytics and technology providers, as well as search information providers, such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
  3. Automate Technologies & Interaction Touch Points. Interacting with our website tells us a lot not only about your preferences but also about the equipment you use to surf the net and your overall preferred behavior online. This type of personal data is being gathered with the help of cookies, which we will talk about in more detail just now.

Our Cookies Policy

One of the most important reasons we use cookies is that they let us distinguish you from other website users. Once again, they serve the basis for our spotless judgment regarding the ads we offer to you and the user navigation roadmap that we are trying to build for you on the spot every time you visit our website. What is more, cookies are essential in telling us about the things you don’t like about our website; thus, they help us become better.

When you visit our website, there are three types of cookies that we use and gather from every user to improve their experiences:

  • The Basic Cookies. Our website wouldn’t work without these cookies, as they improve its functionality by, for example, letting you log in to your account.
  • Performance Analytics Cookies. If you ever felt like we’ve done our best to render your customer experience on our website as individualized as possible, those are the performance analytics cookies that we all should be thankful to. We select our partners carefully, and we place our third-party cookies on their portals, thus enabling ourselves to watch and learn about the things you like in the online world the most. Thus, we can improve your user experience every time you come back to us. An important fact to mention is that all the information, including the IP addresses, gathered by these cookies cannot be identified and thus related to a particular user. They are anonymized, as we only use the ID numbers of our users, as your identity and your online preferences are being anonymized. For your information, we use such services as Google, Hotjar, VWO, and Clicky in order to collect third-party cookies about you.
  • Functionality Cookies. These cookies are actually helping us to recognize you when you come back to us. This is how the aforementioned anonymization works. We don’t know it’s you, we just detect and compare the digital trace, thus letting you stay logged in to the website, provide personalized greetings, change the language in accordance to the region of your location, etc.

You, as a customer, always retain the right to block the usage of cookies by our website. Nonetheless, please, stay informed that we do not bear responsibility for the cookies used by our third-party partners. We have absolutely no control over them. Yet, you should know that blocking all the cookies in your browser might prevent you from using and enjoying the full functionality of our website.

Updating Personal Information

Every user of Top Canada Casinos is entitled to an update of their personal information. To do so, please contact us at [email protected]. With today’s world information volatile, you might want to provide another payment method or change the region of your location in order to improve the website’s personalization. We tend to process the personal data update requests as soon as possible.

Identity Confirmation

The Company reserves the right to ask its customer to provide further information, such as a photo with a passport held in front of the user or a phone number to verify the user’s identity.

We Charge No Fees

Please, stay informed that the Company never charges its customers any additional fees for exercising their right of accessing their personal information. Hence, please stay alert and careful if you happen to receive messages with a request to pay for access to your data.

Response Time

Any legitimate requests from our customers are being processed by the Company is a due course, meaning that we treat every client equally. Therefore, please stay informed that the maximum response time might take up to one month per one request.

The Right to Update

The Company reserves the right to, at any time, change, modify, or update this Privacy Policy without any prior written notice to its customers.