Bingo Online Casino Canada

It is not a secret that bingo online casino  is a popular option in Canada and something most gamblers will check at some point. These casinos have been a common choice since the beginning and these days they are some of the most appealing and the most desirable sites on the web where you may bet and enjoy.

Below we will reveal all the things you need to know about these sites. We will reveal which factors you need to know about before you can find the best casino, tips you can use to win more, and at the same time reveal the basics all players should know. The whole guide and the best casinos we will list below are optimized for Canadian players.

What You Need To Know About Bingo Casino Online

The first thing you need to know here is the basic one. What is bingo casino online? This is a website where you can play bingo games. There are two main variations. The first one is the casino where you shall find all sorts of games. For instance, you can play slots, table games, and live dealer games. These are three main groups of casino games available. The second type is an online site where you can play bingo games only. These are rarer these days due to the fact most casinos will try to attract many players. Hence, they need more games.

Casinos of this kind are excellent. Not only you can play all sorts of bingo games but you may claim impressive offers that are available for bingo games. As the result, you may play more rounds and possibly win more. You can also play with a very small investment which is great.

A lot of bingo casinos online will offer all the variations of the game. This is something you need to look for and pay a lot of attention to it. More games you have access to is always better. It makes your gambling more appealing and more versatile. 

Benefits Of Playing At Online Bingo Casino

When it comes to bingo casinos online, there are a lot of benefits all players will get. These days, you may get all the perks we will list below at most casinos of the kind. So, if you want to play and have great fun, these will be important for you. 

  • Massive Bonuses

If you are looking for a bonus, these casinos are great. Not only you will get a massive welcome deposit match bonus, but most sites will also offer additional promotions you can claim while playing. For instance, you can get more free spins, reload bonuses, and additional promotions. At the moment, online casinos are extremely beneficial and ideal for players who want bonuses. The competition is tough, so each casino will try to stand out from the crowd and offer a lot of promotions.

If you compare this form of gambling to the real world, you can see that online casinos offer far more bonuses and promotions. These are not common in the real world and you will probably have to look hard to get a small promotion. Online you have countless choices. 

  • Simple And Convenient Gambling

There are a lot of online bingo casinos and you can start playing right now, within seconds. All you have to do is to click on sign-up button, create the account, deposit and play. You shall start with gambling while at home, in bed, or while traveling. This is possible because most casinos will be available on smartphones so you don’t need to use a PC only. 

In general, this makes gambling easier and more convenient than ever before. There is no need to travel to the casino, pay for accommodation, or anything similar. As you can see, this is a huge advantage and probably one of the main ones. 

  • A Lot Of Options

As we have revealed earlier, there are a lot of casinos. Each one is different. Each one will have different offers, different games, and many unique features. This is a good thing. It means that every single player may find a casino he likes and play there as long as he wants. Once he needs something else, he can find another casino and play. 

It also means that there are more bonuses to choose from. It is a common thing that players may find an online casino that matches their goals perfectly and play there all the games they want. That’s why you should look for the platform you like and play the games there. We will help you with that later on. 

  • You Can Play For Free 

Believe it or not, you can play free bingo games in Canada. All you need is an internet connection. These games are known as demo games and you will get virtual coins from the site where you will play the games. You will win virtual coins as well so you cannot win real money.  There is no need to add that these games come with the same features, design, and more as a full version of the game.

The main goal of these games is to test a game and see how it works. We also recommend you use this method to learn how to play a game for free. Once you learn, you can always use real money and play for real at an online casino. 

  • Pace You Will Like 

When you are playing bingo in the real world, there is a pace you cannot control. In some cases, this may be too slow or too fast. Either way, you cannot change that. You will have to adapt. For some players, this might be a huge issue. They don’t like the things they cannot affect and they may be uncomfortable with the game.

When you play online this is not the issue. The game will be focused on you completely and you can control the pace precisely as you like. You shall play slow or fast and you may use this on any game available at the casino. The only exception is the live dealer game. For some of you, this will be a huge advantage. 

How Safe Are Bingo Casinos Online

If you are looking for bingo casinos online you need to know something about their safety. There are a few things we will discuss here. First of all, is that the casinos we will recommend in the end are safe and there are no issues here. The second thing is that we have tested all of these sites and we can guarantee their safety. On the other side, if you are looking for a different casino to play bingo at, you may want to know what to look for. Luckily for you, we will explain that later on.

These casinos are safe if they have a license, use SSL, and have games that are developed by known software providers and approved. For example, if you see the eCOGRA logo at the casino, it means that the games are fair. You can find the logo in the footer of the page. 

In a nutshell, these casinos are safe to play at and they will never share your data, use the information you provide, or anything similar. These casinos pay for the license and they will never do anything to jeopardize that and lose the license. Below you shall see why playing bingo at casinos without a license is not a clever idea. 

A bingo casino online will cooperate with known brands which makes things even safer. For example, Microgaming and NetEnt are the biggest software developers and they are known for safety. A casino that cooperates with these two is unlikely to offer rigged games or anything similar. 

When it comes to safety, a casino must use SSL. This is an encryption technology that will make sure your data is encrypted at all times and nobody can access it. This can be a huge advantage these days and it is one of the technologies we always want to see at the casino. It is extremely important when you are making a deposit or sharing any personal information. 

Tips For Playing At Bingo Casino Online

Once you have found bingo online casino where you would like to play, you can start. But, you will need to know about these tips that are important. We must add here that there is no one strategy that will help you win bingo every single time. This is a game of luck, so there is nothing you can do to win every single time. But, if you want to play wisely and have better odds of winning the jackpot, these are the tips that can help you with that more than you may believe. 

  • Learn The Game First

How many times you have tried to play a game and you didn’t know all the features, rules, and all the rest about it? This is a common mistake some people make when want to play bingo. This is a simple game but it is a game nonetheless. As such, you need to learn how to play it first. Start with free play and play the game as long as needed. Once you know the rules and how to play, you can start playing with real money. As simple as that. 

It is required to know the game completely in order to avoid making any mistakes and have better odds. This is something we can say for all casino games and not only bingo. Take your time and keep in mind that you may have fun even if you play bingo for free. 

  • Use Bonuses

Playing with CAD500 is much better and has a huge difference from playing with CAD50. What this means is that you can and you should play with the help of a bonus. All casinos these days will offer a bonus or two. The most common type is the welcome deposit match bonus and this offer does apply to bingo games. Claim the offer and play the game.

Make sure to know that some casinos have a code you need to enter to claim the bonus. Others will offer you the bonus without a code which is a more preferable option. Bonuses can make a massive difference and can help you more than you may believe. 

  • Play Without Emotions

If you want to play at online bingo casinos you will have to do this calmly and without any emotions. What this means is that you will have to stay calm and know when to place a bet, which bet to place, and also how long you can play. If you play while emotions are present, you will probably want to play much longer, place strange bets and you will be at a much higher risk of making a mistake and losing.

This is also why experts recommend that you must not play bingo while drinking alcohol. You will most likely make a mistake or two and you will chase your losses, something you must never do! 

  • Play With Money You Can Actually Afford To Lose

When playing at bingo casinos online or when playing any casino game you have to do that with the money you can afford to lose. Never borrow money to play or anything similar. This is a severe mistake and one that may put you in massive debt. There are a number of players who made this mistake!

This is also the main rule you need to obey when it comes to responsible gambling. This is precisely the thing you will need to know about and perform so you enjoy playing bingo more and don’t have to worry about mistakes and severe issues. 

  • Stop While Winning 

The best time to stop playing is while you are winning. This can be linked to luck. What this means is that you will end your lucky strike while it is active. So, you will not lose money. The won money can be used later on for gambling again and again. You can use it for other games at the casino as well. If you don’t stop while winning, you will probably play much longer and you will lose the winnings. 

An average player will have to do this every single time when he is winning. It can make a massive difference and it can help you play much longer and have more fun. 

  • Try New Things 

If you visit an online casino you will see a lot of new features added on a daily basis. This is because the online gambling industry is changing more than anything else and you can see new games, features, bonuses and so much more being added to the casinos. We can add that this industry is developing faster than any other.

What this means is that you should always try new things. You can find a new game that is just great for you. You can also see new bonuses that are more appealing than the old ones. You never know whether will you like something or not until you give it a try. Keep in mind that this is something all players should do regularly. 

How To Choose Right Online Bingo Casinos

In order to choose the best possible bingo online casino you need to look at a few factors. Once you know all about these you can compare the casino against them and you will get a simple answer to the question. Is that casino safe and worthy of your time? We will explain these factors here in order to help you find the casino you like within seconds and have fun. 

  • License and Safety

You should only gamble at a bingo online casino that is safe and sound. To tell this, you will need to look at a few different things. The first one is to look at the license. A casino must have at least one license from one gambling authority. It can be UKGC, MGA, or any other. All casinos need a permit to be available and safe. A casino without a license is not a place where you should play bingo. Keep in mind that casinos may have multiple licenses. This is even better. 

You should also look at SSL technology that encrypts your data and the organizations that test the games for fairness. eCOGRA is the best example and it is one of the best-known auditors of this kind. A good thing here is the fact you can see this at most casinos we will recommend to you. A fair game means that the game you can play will give you actual winnings and payout when you win. Completely the opposite of rigged games. 

  • Bonuses You Can Claim

Every single casino will offer you a bonus or two. The goal here is to distinguish the bonuses available and claim them accordingly. Always pay attention to the welcome deposit match bonus. If you deposit CAD100 and the casino offers a 100% bonus match, you will get an additional CAD100 to play with. What this means is that you will have two times more money to play bingo with. The more you play, the more money you can win and you will always have more fun playing bingo games. 

All top casinos will have additional bonuses. All of these will be revealed and explained on the promotions page. Here you can see free spins, additional welcome deposit match bonuses, reload bonuses, and more. Keep in mind that the more bonuses you can claim, the more you can win and the more fun you can have. When checking the promotions page, look at the wagering requirements and additional terms of the bonus funds. You need to know about these before you play bingo. 

  • Available Games

At online bingo casinos, you can play all kinds of games. Bingo games are more versatile than you may believe. You may play classic bingo games, slots themed as bingo, and more. There are two things we would recommend to you here. The first one is that more bingo games is always a better decision to make. It means that you can play more versatile games and you can always find the one you like.

The second thing you will want to consider is other games at the casino. This refers to full-size casinos that offer more than just one type of game. The total count of games at some casinos can be 4000+ games. This is a huge advantage. You can easily find a game you will like, and want to play and you may even play other games, besides bingo. Pay close attention to the software developers. More software developers mean more games.  

  • Payment Methods Supported 

When it comes to deposits and withdrawals, payment methods have a huge role in all of that. First, you will need a casino where you can deposit funds using the method you like. It can be PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or etc. The thing you need to look at is that casino should support the method you want to use. When this is possible, you don’t have to create a new account at the payment processor and perform additional steps. You can deposit funds and play games immediately. 

Here you will also want to pay attention to the transaction times. You need to look at the deposit and withdrawal transaction duration. The best outcome is instant transaction time. This means that you will deposit funds instantly and you will get the winnings in your bank account in a matter of minutes. 

  • Customer Support At The Casino 

If you want to play bingo casino online you will need to play at a site that has customer support. You will also want to play at the casino that offers 24/7 live chat support. This is the best method of contacting support is live chat. You can get help in no time and they will help you resolve the issue you may have. 

Telephone and email support are decent and worthy. A site can offer these as well and there should be a proper page with all the details explained on the official website. The goal is to get help as soon as possible. In addition, a FAQ section is needed and it can be more than just important. There you can find all sorts of helpful details about the casino, and you may resolve most of the issues without having to contact support.

List Of Best Bingo Casinos Online

Here we have the best online bingo casinos available to you right now. Thanks to us, you can claim the best promo offer and play with more money than you will deposit. These casinos are all safe, offer fair games, and have a lot to offer. Check them out and you will find the best casino where you can play bingo right now.

  • Jackpot City

The casino we have here has huge popularity at the moment. It was established in 1998 and it is licensed by MGA. Game providers such as Microgaming are available. Yes, you can play bingo and there are multiple variations of the game. Keep in mind that this is a full-size online casino so you can also play slots, table games, and other options. If you are from Manitoba, you may be familiar with the casino.

The best fact about the casino is the welcome bonus which is CAD1600 and it is impressive. This has been known as one of the best bonuses in the gambling industry and something all Canadian players shall claim now. If you want to play on a smartphone, there is an app available.

  • Landbrokes Bingo

This is a dedicated bingo online casino meaning you can play bingo games here of different types. There are 17 games available which is enough for most players. The welcome bonus is CAD40 and the payout rate is 98.45% which is actually above average. Keep in mind that you will need up to 72 hours to get your winnings on the account you want to use.

Players like the ability to place small bets and the fact that wagering requirements are very low. For deposits, you can use cards, PaySafeCard, bank wire transfers, and more. 

  • 888 Bingo

888 Bingo is a part of one of the biggest online casinos in the world. As you can assume, here you will get all kinds of perks. The welcome bonus is 500% which is great. A nice fact here is that all new players can get this bonus and use it on 16 games they like. The payout rate is 98.52% and it is above average. 

The casino is loaded with daily offers, specials, and free games and also has a massive VIP program.  All of this means that with the min deposit you may have a lot of fun and play great games. The site is controlled and approved by UKGC which is one of the best-known gambling authorities in the world. They also promote responsible gambling so here you can use GamStop, Gamcare, and more.

  • Bingo Liner

The casino we have here is special and capable of offering a lot more than you may see at first. The welcome bonus is CAD900 and it is high. You also get a cashback offer of 10%. The latter refers to the lost money the casino will give a part of it back to your account so you can use it for further gambling.

The casino is licensed by Curaçao which is great and offers nice and always available customer support. You can play slots here as well. Processing time for withdrawals can last up to 5 days which is not ideal but not very bad either.

  • Bingo Café

This is one of the online bingo casinos that we all like. It is licensed by Curacao and offers a 100% match bonus on the first deposit and also a 100% match on the reloads. The minimum deposit here is CAD10 and you can start playing great games immediately. The site has been available since 2003 so it is more than just a common choice. Promo offers are available on a daily basis.

Here you will find 75-ball bingo, 50 slots, and also table games. As you can see, it is a full-size casino, something we like. You can play the games on mobile if you like and you can find interesting options.

  • Cash Cabin

This is another casino that offers CAD900 kin welcome bonuses. You can use cards, Neteller, Skrill, Instadebit, and more to deposit and play the games. When we are referring to games, you can find 75-ball bingo, Mega Bingo rooms, and also slots. Table games are available here as well.

The bingo casino online here is licensed by Curacao and has a minimum deposit of CAD10. Wagering requirements are low and you can enjoy them at the casino. An interesting advantage is the fact you can claim some of the best jackpots here. If you want to download a game and play it, you can do it. If not, you can play the instant version online. 

  • Amigo Bingo

The casino here is a place where you may want to reopen your account if you have one. The site offers CAD75 in no deposit bonuses. This means that you don’t have to deposit in order to claim the bonus. A 100% welcome deposit match bonus is available as well. 

There is an impressive free bingo room and it is available 24/7. You can also get free spins and daily offers that are appealing these days. The license comes from Panama and you can use different payment methods to deposit. Some examples are cards and Bitcoin.