Bitcoin Casinos Canada

A few years ago, bitcoin was treated fairly skeptically, and very few seriously thought of investing money in crypto-currencies. The times were changing and every day more and more people all over the world become confident that bitcoin is the future of finance, as well as outstanding revolutionary technology in the financial services sector. In fact, it can be said that no recently created invention has had such a strong impact on the world financial system, like bitcoin. Moreover, one of the most influential spheres that began its active development is the online gambling industry – many online casinos appear in many countries all over the world, and one of the most popular countries that offer a wide selection of casinos is Canada.

How We Select the Best Bitcoin Online Casinos in Canada?

Among thousand casinos in the best bitcoin casino list, there are two the most popular, trusted and reputable ones – BitCasino and BitStarz. Nevertheless, there are many other good alternatives! There are several crucial things you should keep in mind when you are looking for the best paying bitcoin casino!

Casino Games Variety

One of the most significant things you should remember while trying to find your perfect online platform in order to play for real money is to be very attentive to the games list. You should destroy the myth of the game's similarity, and research this section very carefully on the official site, that it offers you those types of games that you really want to play. Thus, there is a lot of the most well-known games and slots, which are available for you anytime. Moreover, Canadian platforms can offer a huge list of traditional table games, for example, roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, etc.

  • Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in gambling establishments, so it's no surprise that in the vast majority this game is presented in a wide range.
  • <Roulette is probably one of the simplest gambling games, since the player only needs to choose a number or color, and then make a bet and hope for luck. The most popular platforms offer their customers several types of roulette, for instance, American, European, French and many others.
  • Live Casino (games with live dealers) games with live dealers (roulette, blackjack, baccarat and a number of others), and the rates can be made in crypto-currencies.
  • Many institutions also offer to play in poker, video poker, dice, keno, various lotteries, bet on virtual races and entertain in dozens of ways.

Banking Options

You should remember that there are many different types of platforms: some of them accept only bitcoin as the main currency, others – offer more traditional banking options, such as eWallets, Bank Transfers, debit cards, credit cards or prepaid cards, etc. Besides, transfer doesn't require any bank institution, consequently, your personal information won't be shared or stolen by someone.


In order to cash out your money, you can choose two options. Firstly, you can send your coins to the exchange service's address and request a bank to transfer (or some other withdrawal operation which is provided by your bank). Secondly, you can send your bitcoin to your wallet in order to keep your money.


Nowadays this type of payment method has quickly become a part of online casinos' withdrawal options, namely because it is one of the safest banking solutions around. Actually, security is one of the main reason of its popularity. For instance, if someone wants to steal your money, he/she would need not just your name and passport in order to do it, but also physical access to your devices (in most cases, smartphone, computer or laptop). To make a long story short, all users totally control their transactions, as they can protect their money with the help of backup and encryption, which makes a money theft almost impossible.


As well as users of traditional casinos, clients of bitcoin ones can use various kinds of promotions and bitcoin casino bonus offers (most often these are free spins and deposit bonuses). Some of them launch VIP loyalty programs, and also provide bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, which is issued immediately after registration. Considering the aforementioned, in order to get many free bonuses and promotions, try to begin with a welcome bonus.


When you have any kind of difficulty you can easily connect with the customer support team, which is available 24/7 through a live chat, a telephone, or e-mail. You will be provided with instructions you need in order to solve your issue. Besides, a customer solution expert can tell you what was wrong while you were playing the game or doing something else on this online platform.

The Bitcoin Casino Story

This story originates in 2008. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto decided to create the first Bitcoin-wallet and obtained the first block of virtual coins. By the end of 2009 for $ 1 it was possible to purchase from 700 to 1600 digital coins. In February 2010, the official Bitcoin Market was opened, where anyone could exchange virtual coins for paper bills. In the period from 2013 to 2014, online poker rooms, bookmakers, as well as online casinos that accept Bitcoin as input methods for cash withdrawal began to appear.

Can I Use Bitcoin at Any Canadian Casino?

Of course, you can! Moreover, many of the top-rated Canadian online gambling platforms accept ONLY bitcoin payments. If you want to be sure that your chosen online platform supports this type of payment, you should open the official site and find the “banking/withdrawal” page. Consequently, you will find a list of all online gambling resources that support this method. Don’t forget that you should inform the customer solutions expert in the clients’ support chat that you want to place your deposits and withdraw it in bitcoins.

Bitcoins vs. Other Payment Methods

There are several crucial reasons, why so many people all over the world prefer this payment method against others. These are the following:

  • the absence of central administration, as a result, no one can affect any payment;
  • instant transactions – the withdrawal of money in the crypto currency takes minutes;
  • minimum commission for transfers or their absence;
  • anonymous;
  • absence of payout limits;
  • you can use this payment method anywhere in the world and anytime.

How to Use Bitcoin to Load a Casino Account?

There are several steps how you can do it:

  • Register your wallet – the most popular are Electrum (for PC and Android devices), Copay (for computers, Android and iOS devices), Bither (for iPhone, iPad, Android), etc.
  • Buy Bitcoins – For these purposes, you can use one of the exchanges: Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex and the like.
  • Find the right place for the game.
  • Make a deposit in the casino from your wallet. After registering on the official casino website, you can assign a certain address to it.
  • Withdraw winnings. After you finish playing, you can go to the cashier and issue an application for withdrawal.

Can I Withdraw My Winnings with Bitcoin?

Of course, you can! Moreover, you MUST do it! Besides, using bitcoin for deposits and withdraws from online casinos, you can forget about the long transaction time, as the withdrawal takes a few minutes.

What are the Bonuses When You Deposit with Bitcoin?

Generally, you will always have numerous opportunities to increase your bankroll not only by bitcoins, but also by additional prizes, for example, popular and valuable electronics (phones, tablets, game consoles) and of course packages for live offline poker tournaments, exclusive events from casinos and much more.

Disadvantages of Gambling with Bitcoin?

Despite the fact that this type of gambling has almost no disadvantages (there is no credit limit, fees are very low and correspond to the fees of the casino you have chosen, and withdrawal timeframes occurs at lightning speed), nevertheless, there are a number of cons that concern many players:

  • Complexity and intricacy of the system for understanding by the ordinary player;
  • Strictest anonymity: if you forget the password, it won’t be restored, and you can say goodbye to the money;
  • payments cannot be verified or canceled;
  • Many casinos don’t have a license.

Are Your Account Details Safe?

Yes, they are! Most bitcoins online casinos provide the most provably fair in the gaming industry. Besides, at Canadian casino they are 100% legal. They provide every player with a safe and easy way to enjoy the games (the licensing information is at the bottom of the casino webpage).

Bitcoin Payments Summary

In our honest bitcoin casino reviews, you have already got a lot of new information, which will help you to play for real money and enjoy gambling online even more! As you’ve already understood, this type of electronic currency is becoming more popular amidst online casinos in Canada, and it’s only up to your choice: to become a part of a new future, or to continue to procrastinate with the old-fashioned types of online gambling!