Luxury Casino Review

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  • Luxury Casino launched in 2000
  • 700+ casino games
  • Offers Live Games
Welcome bonus

Just as the name implies, this casino offers luxury services to players. It is one of the best platforms you will find online, with its unmatched services for just a small deposit of people who haven’t played on the platform and doubt if they offer these services. We know you are in a hurry to know what this platform is all about and the services it offers. In this article, we will be discussing luxury casino reviews. What makes it special, and why should you consider playing on the platform? We can only talk about luxury casino reviews after first talking about the history and owner of the platform. Let’s dive into the history, how the luxury casino came up, and how it is currently going.

Basic Information about Luxury Casino

The luxury casino was launched in 2000, and since then, the platform has continued to improve its system in line with the latest technology. It is one of the Veterans in the gambling of the United Kingdom. One can tell that a spectacular game has been released into the iGaming industry. It is one of the top choice platforms for UK gamblers. You can be assured of tremendous services, from its bonus offers to the number of games it offers. These services are rare to find, especially the bonuses. And on top of all these, it offers unspotted security to players. Security is one of the major factors to consider before playing on any platform, and this is what Luxury Casino offers.

Luxury casinos are gaining more impact in several countries, including Canada. Today, it was a must-mention if you want to talk about the best casinos online. Fresh Horizon Limited owns the platform. Fresh Horizons Ltd is known for developing platforms that offer nice services to customers. They ensure that players get real value for deciding to game on with them. One would even want to search for the platforms owned by Fresh Horizon to choose one, and they would love to play. Fresh Horizon has been in the business of providing impeccable services to customers. The name Fresh Horizon is synonymous with success. You are sure to get the best gaming at any Fresh Horizon casino.

One of the wonderful qualities of this platform includes being licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, one of the major legal authorities in the casino industry in Canada. Signing up for this platform embraces full player security as it has a license of operation from a verified body. So if you are a Canadian player looking for a verified platform where you can game, then you can jump on this Luxury casino. Anything you think of is featured on this online platform. This casino will be thoroughly reviewed, and by the end of the day, you will see why it is rated as one of the best casinos you can find in Canada. 

As we go on in this luxury casino review, we will take its wonderful casino one after the other. We will be considering how safe and legit the platform is, the luxury bonus packages, the promotions, the games, and so on. So stay tuned and continue reading to discover all the wonderful benefits this casino offers players.

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Is Luxury Casino Safe?

The first thing players consider when searching for the best casinos is safety. They want to know if they are protected while dealing with the site. No one would want to pay attention to the benefits a casino has to offer if its safety is doubted. The question that comes to the mind of people is always regarding safety. Is Luxury safe? Can I be safe playing on the luxury platform? Players want to be sure that their sensitive information is kept safe and that the platform is not linked to any site with shady activities. This is what we will be discussing in this part of the review.

Is Luxury safe? The luxury casino adopts the best security measures and technology to ensure that players’ details are well-secured, ensuring a safe gaming experience. Some of the technologies and safety measures put in place by this casino to ensure that players get the best services are explained below.

  • RNG: RNG stands for Random Number Generator, which refers to an algorithm that produces random numbers. They determine the result or outcome of a game round. The RNG is a feature that verifies casinos feature.
  • SSL Encryption: Secure Socket Laver digital encryption technology is essential, especially when playing at digital casino platforms. If you do not find this feature, you should look for another casino, as your player safety is not certain on such a platform. This system authenticates the identity of a casino. It is what presents a casino as a safe platform for the gambling public. It ensures that sensitive details, particularly the financial info of players, are not linked to a third party. It makes sure that no one steals this info. The luxury casino features this technology, and this is to make sure that players play with no worries of having their info stolen. You can confidently play on the luxury platform without fear of losing your money or any essential belongings.
  • Secure Banking Methods:  Speaking of banking methods, Luxury features the best of the best of them. You won’t be going through issues regarding payment to and withdrawal from the platform’s account. The luxury casino makes use of banking methods that are easy to operate. You don’t have anything to worry about when making payments in this casino. The banking methods are easy and suitable for gamblers who play online casinos in Ca. This makes the casino an excellent option for gamblers. It is one of the casinos that meet the common Canadian’s expectation.
  • Responsible Gambling: This platform does not allow players’ emotions to get hold of them. This casino takes care of players who find it difficult to stand up from a game when they are having a bad day. There are limits to ensure players don’t lose all they’ve got in an attempt to win back their losses. This is what a safe casino platform looks like. Your safety is certain; you can always feel free gaming on this site. Whether you are a Canadian player or an international gambler, one thing is sure for all; players’ safety. 

Is Luxury Casino Legit?

The rate of scam activities that takes place now in the digital poses fears to many gamblers. This is because many platforms pose as legit ones, and once you make a deposit, they are nowhere to be found. They get away with the hard-earned fortune of players. This is why people are asking, is Luxury legit? They want to be sure Luxury is a verified casino they can trust with their penny. In this part of the luxury review, we will examine how legit the luxury casino website is.

Is Luxury legit? Yes, it is. The casino uses a license from one of the most certified gambling authorities. Licensing and auditing programs are the major factors that guarantee that a site is legit. They are what you should look for as a player who is in search of a legit casino. If you do not find a license on a platform, you are advised not to play at that site. 

Fresh Horizon Ltd owns the luxury casino. This name of the owner is an established name in the iGaming industry. Their casinos work under several top-notch licenses and auditing programs. For players based in Canada, the platform operates under the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. For players from different locations, the casino can be operated under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Commission. Let us look at the licensing and features of these gambling authorities.

  • Licensing: Good news for Canadian casino players as Luxury has a legal license. The casino is nationally and globally regulated. The license and regulation are the first factors to look out for when determining whether a platform is legit. As mentioned above, the Luxury casino is licensed by gaming authorities, namely, Kahnawake Gaming Commission and Malta Gaming Commission. 
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission: The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a Canadian Licensing body. It was founded in 1999. Kahnawake regulates gambling operations in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec, Canada. They ensure that the casino platforms in Canada are legit and void of shady activities. In addition, you can’t find any third-party link with this commission. This is so because they want to ensure players are confident about their operations. They are involved in ensuring that a site does not feature any form of extortion or scamming activity. As a gambler, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is a body you can trust when it comes to legal authorities that give license casinos. Any casino licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission must meet the following requirements:
  • Creating barriers to illegal activities
  • Ensure that they have the best payment methods
  • Securing player’s sensitive information like financial and personal account codes and passwords
  • Ensuring the fairness of the games featured by the platform
  • Malt Gaming Commission: Malta is located in the Mediterranean. This commission is involved in the regulation of gambling activities in Malta. They ensure that an online casino is legal and devoid of shady activities. MGA is the body responsible for this platform outside Canada. MGA makes the gaming experience nice for players by ensuring their money is safe and secure. Malta Gaming Commission ensures: 
  • Prevention of reckless betting
  • Prevention deceiving odds
  • Prevention of illegal wagering
  • Prevention of ill-treatment of users of the site

From the above, the casino has taken great steps to ensure players get the best services during the game on their platform. The website uses 128-encryption for maximum safety from dubious activities.

Luxury Casino Bonuses

Luxury bonuses are one of a kind. Sometimes players playing on the platform for the first are amazed at the bonus packages. I mean, it provides wonderful bonuses, just a deposit that is nothing compared to other casinos up there online. 

Bonuses are amazing qualities that casinos possess. They can come in extra betting cash or free spins. Whichever way, they offer players better chances of winning when gambling for real money. It is such a nice deal making wins by making use of bonuses. Bonus packages are essential and should be neglected when you want to choose a casino. The good news for Canadian casino players, Luxury features some mouth-watering bonuses that can help you make some extra cash.

The luxury casino does not require any special code to obtain its bonuses, a special advantage that is rare to find in many casinos these days. You get the packages by carrying out your normal player requirements. The luxury casino offers a 5-tier bonus that begins with an amazing welcome package. You certainly can’t see this in many casinos. Unlike some other casinos, the wagering requirements for these bonuses are not much. We shall be discussing the bonuses below.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is given to players following their first deposit. You will get 100% up to $150 following your deposit to the Luxury casino platform. You can add this bonus to your deposit amount and play for real money. You want to take advantage of a special upfront like this. Although there are wagering requirements you have to meet as a player before you can withdraw the winnings from your bonus, it helps to increase your winning odds.

To get this bonus is simple; you need to deposit at least $10. This is one crazy offer you can rarely find on other platforms. The Luxury bonuses are not just great but require a small deposit to enjoy them. However, you can only bet 24% of your bonus. This means that, for instance, if you are given $200 as a bonus, you can only bet 24% of the amount. The reason for this needs to be clearly stated, but you can increase your bonus if you have the budget. You can deposit a high amount, and when given the bonus, you can have something tangible of the 24%. The bonus is instant. It is given as soon as you make your deposit.

Second Deposit Bonus

The second deposit bonus is another bonus offer from the Luxury casino we will discuss. The bonus is given immediately after making your second deposit to the platform. The bonus is 50% up to $200, and just like the first one, you can only use 24% for your entire betting time. The bonus requires you to come back to play on the platform. In other words, it requires loyalty. There are a few casinos that feature this kind of bonus.

Third Deposit Bonus

This is the third bonus featured by Luxury casino. The bonus is given to players following their third deposit. The casino offers 25% off up to $300. You can rarely find a bonus following the third payment in other casinos.

Fourth Deposit Bonus

When you think it is done for Luxury bonuses, there is a fourth deposit bonus. This bonus is given to players following their fourth payment to the casino site. Luxury provides 50% off up to $200 to players immediately after they deposit a minimum of $10 for the fourth time. The 24% bonus value also applies to this bonus.

Fifth Deposit Bonus

This is another bonus featured by Luxury casino. Players are given 100% up to $150 immediately after their 5th deposit of at least $10. A fifth deposit; is what you can hardly find in many casinos.

Generally, the 24% value of the bonuses applies to all the bonuses. If you take note of the bonuses, you will observe first, making your first deposit. Of course, if you sign up for the casino platform, you can only think of a bonus feature that follows a deposit. 

You can only make payments to a casino you are a real user of. This is why we will look at how to create/register an account with the Luxury casino. Also, we will be looking at how to fund your account so you can claim these bonuses.

Create Your Luxury Casino Account

  • Enter the Luxury casino page
  • Click on “play now” in the platform’s upper-right corner.
  • Enter the requested details, such as your name, date of birth, etc.
  • Create a strong password that you can’t easily forget
  • You will be sent a unique username 
  • The next thing is to confirm you are over 19 years old and click on the “Access Bonus Here” button.

Make Your Deposit to Claim Your Welcome Bonus

  • Login, Go to the platform’s deposit page, and adjust to your preferred currency
  • Deposit at least $10 and claim the welcome bonus
  • You can now use the promo code & your bonus to play Luxury casino games
  • Make other deposits to enjoy subsequent deposit-bonuses

Luxury Casino Promotions & Other Special Bonuses

The luxury casino features other promotions and special offers besides the bonus feature discussed above. The Luxury casino promotions are for players who have been gambling with them for a specific period. If you play on the platform for the first time, you won’t get it immediately. That is why the welcome bonus is provided. The welcome bonuses are placed for players to find their way to the good veins – VIP promotions.

VIP Program

In this program, members become qualified for loyalty offers when they register and make their first deposit. You may get it after you sign-up for the platform, but you become entitled to these special offers as you game on. The other deposits after the first one earn players a loyalty point. The term ‘loyalty’ describes players who have played at a platform for a specified period after their deposits. Every player is a potential VIP club member once they sign up for the platform, although it requires you to play continually.

Luxury Casino Games & Slots

One of the best game providers, Microgaming, anchors luxury online slots and games. Microgaming is a popular and reliable game provider, and it features wonderful games that make the gambling experience nice for players. The luxury casino features over 550 games, including Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo, Keno, etc. we will review two more games that the Luxury casino features.


Slot machines are the major part of the game collection on all platforms, and it is good to state here that Luxury casino features them. The Luxury slots are loaded with wonderful qualities such as wheels of fortune, free spins, wilds, etc. the theme and background sound is second to none.

Table Games

There is not a single platform that does not feature games. They are historical and an integral part of the betting lifestyle across the globe. 

  • Blackjack: The game Blackjack is synonymous with casino table games. It comes in different variants, each with its fan base following. Blackjack is a game that requires skill and player strategy to pick up a win. It is advised not to play Blackjack for real money if you are not experienced. Like every other platform, players with nice strategy and skill can win some fortunes in Luxury casinos. This game is featured in different languages.
  • Roulette: Of French origin, roulette is one of the games you will find at Luxury casinos. It has been a favorite game played in the gambling world for a long time.

Roulette features two kinds of bets; the inside and the outside bet. Although some players would go for outside bets (red/black) to get more extravagant wins, you can go for high-stakes inside bets and play splits, straight up, street, or six lines.

Video Poker

If we have yet to discuss this review to this extent, one would think Luxury Casino does not offer video poker. Well, there is also video poker. You may have played video poker before, but it is essential to let you know that the video poker featured on platforms, especially in Luxury casinos, is way better than what you have played in arcades. Video poker has one of the largest fan bases. In Luxury Casinos, everyone can win real cash without spending much. The luxury casino features hot video poker titles such as Deuces and Wild, Aces and Faces, Jacks and Better, All American Poker, All Faces Poker, Double bonus, Poker Deluxe, etc.

Luxury Casino Deposits & Withdrawal Methods

The Luxury casino deposit methods are such that they are simple and easy to operate. There is always a payment method that would suit you. This makes the platform an excellent option for Canadian players.  

Luxury Casino withdrawal methods are simple to operate too. The procedure is quick too. Before we list the hosts of payment methods compatible with Luxury casinos, it is essential to mention that you should always make withdrawals using the same method as the deposit.

This platform also features payment in popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Below we will be taking a list of the payment methods supported by Luxury Casino.

  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paysafe card
  • Entropay
  • EcoPayz
  • Visa
  • Euteller
  • Postepay
  • Perfect Money
  • Trustly
  • Instadebit
  • Neosurf
  • PayPal
  • Maestro
  • Echecks, etc. 

Luxury Casino Payout Rates

The payout rate is something to talk about when reviewing a casino platform. Before gambling, you must know the site’s payout rate, maximum and minimum bet, and maximum pay. The Luxury casino payout rate is generally 96.6%, a nice payout rate for players. The platform features one of the lowest minimum bets in the casino industry. The minimum bet is $1. This can cover players with low budgets. The maximum bet is $100. This helps to keep excessive gambling by players in check. 

Luxury Customer Support

Luxury customer support is an accessible and perfect one. You can always reach them easily when you encounter any platform issue. The luxury support system includes email and live chat. The support system gives you a reply almost instantly. The luxury communication reps are professional and polite. 

It is essential to state that you check the site’s FAQ first before chatting them up. This is because the issue you are facing might have been addressed in the FAQ section.

Luxury Casino Desktop/Mobile Experience

Whether you are playing at the Luxury casino site or the app, one sure thing is a wonderful gambling experience. The platform is compatible with smart devices of any kind, such as desktops, mobile smartphones, PCs, etc. The app does not require players to install any other tool or software. It is simple and easy to use. You can always play Luxury from your comfort zone.

Comparing the Pros & Cons

There are usually two sides to a coin. While playing Luxury has special benefits, a few disadvantages or issues exist with playing on the platform.

Pros  Cons 
  • It supports many payment methods
  • Fees are associated with some of the payment methods
  • Live dealer games are available
  • The usable value of the bonus is just 24% for an entire gambling period
  • Nice selection of games
  • The live chat is available 24/7


We can end this review by saying that Luxury casinos are top-class gambling platforms. You are sure of getting value for your money and time. This platform is worth trying from the welcome bonuses, VIP program, and Customer safety customer support. Your wins and enjoyment have no bounds, gaming on the Luxury platform.