New Online Casinos: An In-depth Analysis of the New Brands in the Canadian Gambling Industry 

New online casinos are popping up due to the relaxation and amendment of the gambling laws in Canada. This has caused an upsurge in the population of new casinos online, making it increasingly difficult for players to figure out which of these platforms is the best for their gameplay. Because gambling has been legalized, the casino market is no longer under strict watch, which means you can’t be a hundred percent sure of the authenticity and reliability of a new online casino, regardless of whatever claims they’re making. 

However, worry no more. In this review, we have done rigorous research. We looked into a large number of the available brand new online casinos and have made a list of some top recommended sites, as drawn up by experts on our team. Not only will you enjoy these recommendations, but we will also teach you everything you need to know about these new Canadian online casinos, the benefits of playing games on the site, and how to choose the best option for your gameplay personally. 

What you Need to Know About New Online Casino Sites 

As we mentioned earlier, gambling laws in Canada have been relaxed. Years back, this activity was prohibited and illegal. Still, to redirect the outflow of money back into the country, the government made some amendments to the law. Now Canadians can play as many casino games as they please, provided the new online casino is regulated by a province and adheres to the governing local laws. 

However, some of these provinces still allow the operation of these offshore sites, provided that they are licensed by some of the biggest gambling commissions in the industry. As a Canadian, you can still join these offshore new online casinos if they have licenses from: 

  • Malta Gaming Authority. 
  • Curacao Gaming Authority. 
  • Kahnawake Gambling Commission. 

Another thing to note as Canadians is that you don’t pay taxes on your winnings from these new online casinos, according to the current law of the Criminal code. Most casino games are legal in Canada, unlike in other states like the US, where players are prohibited from running certain software due to gambling regulations. 

The newest online casinos in Canada are affiliated with some of the biggest game providers in the industry, like: 

  • Microgaming 
  • Evolution Gaming 
  • NetEnt 
  • Play’n Go 

These providers occupy the top spots for so many good reasons: they provide a premium gaming experience and generous bonuses. Back in the day, Canadians could only make parlay bets on sports, and although this still exists, the services have been extended, and these brand new online casinos are available to provide them. 

Although the rules have become more flexible, the Canadian government still takes regulation seriously. The average gambling age for Canadians is 19, although, in certain provinces, an 18 year old might be allowed to play some certain games.  

Another feature that a new casino online must have is a regulator. Besides the licensing certificate, the casino must have regulatory licenses from reliable bodies like eCOGRA, UKGC, RNG, etc. These regulators perform background checks on the casino to ensure they have no crime history. They are also trustworthy proof that the new casino offers provably fair games, functioning customer service, and SSL security. 

Without these licenses and certifications, it is hard to tell whether a new casino is safe and secure. Getting the certificates requires a very rigorous process that is only successful when the agency has proved that you are worthy of it. Without this certificate, how do you verify the service of an online betting casino? 

Lastly, in these new online casinos you will find the latest versions of your favourite slots, poker, jackpot, table games, and other software on these sites. Attached to this are also some of the most favourable RTPs you will find in any online casino, meaning there is an increased probability of winning. More on this will be discussed later in the review. 

The Various Benefits of Playing at New Online Casinos Canada

What do I gain by playing in these new Canadian online casinos? The truth is, the benefits are numerous. Even though the gambling industry has been existing for a long time, these new casino Canada sites are developed to be more advance, especially since they were just newly formed in an era where art and technology are now a big part of the gambling industry. Let’s discuss some of the many advantages of joining a new online casino Canada: 

Bonuses and Promotions 

Usually, the higher you pay, the more generous bonuses you get. However, with the influx of these new online casinos, the generosity of these sites has exponentially increased. This is due to the growth of the industry and the population of brand-new online casinos in the market. 

These businesses know that if they don’t offer incentives and bonuses, others will, so it is now a competition between who has the most compelling bonuses to boost your wagers.. 

Better and Modernized Games 

Although games like slots and poker have always been a staple in online casinos, things have changed. Technology hasn’t remained unchanged, and the online gambling industry has embraced this. 

Look at the new games, and make an honest comparison to all the previously existing ones in the market. There are major differences. These new software have better quality and display, are more mobile responsive, with better wins and offers. They also come in different themes and styles regardless of your interest as a player. In these new online casinos, you will enjoy this new game set, gamble as often as you like, and make money while at it. 

Convenient Payment Methods 

In the best new online casinos, you will enjoy some of the quickest and easiest options for a deposit or withdrawal. Years back, there were limited means through which payments were made in casinos. This includes Credit/debit cards, eChecks, wire transfers, and mobile transfers. 

Lately, faster and more convenient methods are being introduced to the industry, and you will find these in all the new Canadian online casinos. One of the most welcome introductions of payment methods is cryptocurrency and eWallets. These two promote extreme speed and privacy of financial transactions, a great feature for new-age gamblers looking to mask their tracks and play games as they like without interference. 

Loyalty Scheme 

The new casino online Canada rewards players for their continuous patronage and investment. This means that the longer you play on these platforms, the more recognition you get and enjoy. These loyalty schemes are usually elaborate, consisting of tiers and levels with different ranges of gifts and prizes.  

In some new casinos, there is a VIP club for players. In this section, high rollers enjoy cash backs, higher matched deposits, birthday prizes, and so on. New online casinos do this and many more incentives to engage the player and keep them on the site by rewarding loyalty and high investments. 

Can I Trust New Casinos Online?

Safety and security are the major aspects of any online gambling service and should be treated with importance. No one wants to gamble in a casino where their safety is not prioritized, especially seeing how wide the internet has become and the many scam possibilities out there. 

We understand that there are unsafe sites, but each of the newest online casino on our recommendation list is secure, and here is how they do it: 

The Latest Encryption Technology 

Online casinos require you to update sensitive and private information on the site. This includes your name, bank and card details, passwords, and so on. When this information gets into the hands of a scammer, he can easily steal this, and it becomes a big problem. To eradicate this problem, the best new online casino sites employ SSL technology. 

This works by scrambling your sensitive data into meaningless code. This way, if your data is at any point intercepted by phishers, they cannot make use of the information because it appears as gibberish. As players, you must ensure that you only join new online casinos with this SSL certificate. 


This is another important feature of a trustworthy new online casino. You have to make sure your chosen casino has a license, especially because certain offshore sites without proper authorization have surfaced ever since the relaxation of Canadian gambling laws. As a player, you must do proper research and make sure you only gamble in the newest online casinos with proper licensing and regulatory certificates.

A valid license is one that is either provided by any of the ten local Canadian gambking agencies; or by international regulatory bodies like the MGA, UKGC, CGA, eCOGRA, etc. 

A Good Online Reputation 

Before joining any new casino online, you want to google this business and check its online reputation, regardless of whatever claims they make on its website. Some casinos are known to make outrageous promises and claims while doing nothing to make them a reality. As a new player, it is easy to get sucked into all the glitz; then you’ll invest and realize they don’t offer half of what they claimed. 

This is why it is essential to check a casino’s reputation. You will find other players who have used the site and graciously dropped a review to help others through. There are also expert review teams like ours who aim to sign up to these platforms and check them out, so others won’t make any mistakes. 

Good Customer Support 

We always say that if a new Canadian online casino doesn’t have good customer service, it should be avoided because lack of customer support is a very fishy feature. 

In your time at a casino, no matter how great they seem, you will encounter an issue requiring contacting a customer representative for an immediate solution. If you join a casino that doesn’t have this feature, then how do you solve this problem? 

A new online casino with a great customer support team should have two or all of the following: 

  • Live Chat 
  • Toll-free phone number
  • Email 

Fair Games 

Another way online casinos rip off their customers is by including games that have been tampered with. It could be slots, roulette, or any other game that deals with numbers. When you play these tampered games, the odds of winning are zero. To identify the safe new Canadian online casinos, scroll to the bottom of their homepage to find their eCOGRA or RNG certificates. 

RNG proves that their game numbers are generated randomly without outside influence. eCOGRA is a regulatory body that proves that a casino offers provably fair games. When you see these two certificates, you know that the casino is safe. 

How to Play and Win at New Canadian Online Casinos 

Every player in an online casino wants to earn money. However, it isn’t so easy, which is why so many players record extravagant losses. There are certain strategies and tips that you must follow to record winnings, especially as a newbie or beginner. Below, we will share some tips: 

Practice Demo Play 

Before investing in any casino, try out their demo games to familiarize yourself with their games and software. The newest online casinos are affiliated with several game providers with different varieties of one game. You want to try out the demo game for one or two rounds to understand the intricacies of the game. This is vital because any slight mistake could lead to money loss, which is counterproductive to the original purpose of making money from your gameplay. 

Don’t Play When You’re Stressed 

Don’t try gambling when feeling sad, stressed, or depressed. If you do this, you will most likely end up losing. 

To win a gambling game, you must be calm and relaxed, especially in games that don’t depend on luck or chance. This is true for games like blackjack, where you must think carefully before making any moves. You also have to be focused to keep track of your chips and bet levels. Gambling might be a form of entertainment, but you shouldn’t try it out when you’re not in the right frame of mind. 

Choose Games with Better Odds 

Another major way to win is to determine which game has the best odds. In our experience, we have realized that games with flashy colours and bright lights usually have the lowest odds. They are designed to be flashy to pull unsuspecting players in. 

For better game odds, you want to head to the tables and play blackjack, baccarat, or craps. These games will give you better chances at winning because they are strategic and do not rely only on chance and luck. If you love playing slot titles, you can set aside a small amount of money to indulge in this activity. 

Place Bigger Bets Instead of Multiple Bets 

Casino odds work in favour of the house, such that the more you place a bet, the higher the chances you’ll lose. As such, instead of placing multiple bets looking for a win, place fewer bets that are huge. This will decrease the house odds and give you a higher chance of winning money. 

For instance, the house edge on blackjack is low, meaning you have the highest odds of winning, whereas its edge on games like the wheel of fortune or the slots is very high, about 2% for blackjack versus about 11% for the wheel of fortune.

Gamble Responsibly 

Gambling is a form of entertainment, but it is easy to become addicted and tip into desperation, especially when losing. The newest online casinos have employed some unique features that allow you to set certain limits over your gameplay and become more responsible while gambling. 

For instance, there is a deposit limit feature that allows you to set your bet levels, so you will be able to keep track of your spending. There is also a temporary exclusion policy that allows them the power to keep you out of the account whenever they notice suspicious activities. 

How to Choose the Right New Online Casino Canada Sites 

Due to the population of these brand new online casinos, there are many options to choose from when signing up to a gambling platform. This dense population makes it very hard to choose which casino is the most suitable for your gameplay. 

As a newbie, there are certain criteria that you must watch out for before joining a casino. These criteria are necessary for your safety and security and should not be compromised. Below are the necessary tips for choosing the right casinos: 

Safety and Security 

Before joining a casino, make sure you are aware of the safety and security measures they have put up to ensure your data is protected at all costs. 

Of all the features, this is essential because it can put you at a big risk of compromise. The first thing to pay attention to is the SSL certificate of the casino. This can be seen from the padlock sign in front of the address. With SSL encryption, you can update your personal and banking details without worrying about scams or phishers, as is popular with internet businesses these days. 

Licensing and Regulations 

In Canada, about ten agencies were created to monitor this gambling activity in the country, and before you join a site, make sure they have licenses from any of these agencies. 

When it comes to regulations, ensure your chosen casino has an eCOGRA or RNG regulatory certificate. This shows that the casino offers provably fair games where players can make money without feeling like they are being ripped off. You can find these certificates at the bottom of the casino homepage. 

Comprehensive Bonuses 

Before joining any new online casino, make sure they provide generous bonuses and promo deals that align with your gambling needs at a particular time. Examples of popular bonuses to watch out for are: 

  • Welcome bonus
  • No deposit bonus 
  • Cashbacks 
  • Free spins 
  • Loyalty schemes 

As a player, you are entitled to these bonuses in an online casino, especially in this era where competition is at an all-time high. These casinos must offer different bonuses and promotions as an incentive to keep their customers. There is also a loyalty scheme where players are rewarded for their hard work and investment the longer they spend on the site. 

Variety of Games 

Before you join a casino, check out the game library to ensure they have amazing software that you fancy. Some players love slots, while others love table games. There are different casinos for different types of players, so try to join one that is specifically tailored to your gaming needs.  

While on this, watch out for some top software providers like Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, etc. These names stay on top of the field because they provide premium quality in terms of graphics, sounds, display, and in-app offers. 

Banking Options 

As Canadian players, you can only use certain payment methods to facilitate your casino financial transactions. Some of these methods are: 

  • PayPal 
  • Neteller 
  • Credit or Debit cards 
  • Wire transfer 
  • Mobile Transfer 
  • Cryptocurrency 

Most players love to keep their gaming activities under wrap, and crypto payments grant them the liberty to authorize transactions without a trace.

eWallets are also another preferred means because it let you make online payments without the interference of your banking or financial institution. This is also another much-needed step in ensuring the privacy and security of payout transactions. 

The Best New Online Casinos in Canada 

In the table below, we will highlight some of the best new casinos in Canada. These casinos were chosen by experts on our team after careful research and deliberation, so we assure you of safety and security should you choose any of these sites. 

New Casinos  Total Bonuses  Min Deposit 
Oh My Spins  100% up to $750  $20
BitStarz Match bonus up to $800 plus 50 extra spins  $20
Great Win 100% up to $750 plus 200 free spins  $30
22Bet Welcome bonus up to $900 plus 100 extra spins  $10
Wildz $1000 plus 200 free spins  $20
DreamVegas  Match bonus up to $7000 plus 120 free spins  $20 
Fresh Casino  100% up to $600 plus 500 free spins  $20
Lucky Days  100% up to C$1500 plus 100 free spins  $20
NoMini Up to C$1500 in three deposits  $10
Winstoria 250% match bonus up to $2500 plus 250 bonus spins  $20


New online casinos are being created daily; it is up to you as a player to determine which one will be your preferred gambling spot for everyday gameplay. You have to be careful about the criteria you pay attention to when choosing a new online casino, and we have already highlighted all the necessary features to consider. 

However, our recommendations comprise ten of the best new online casinos in Canada. You can trust our choices as they were curated by experts who have been in the industry and know all the necessary criteria to watch out for.